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How to Claim Your Free Credit on 918Kiss?


918Kiss has become more popular with each passing year. This online casino platform has seen a massive surge in the number of online gamers.

An online casino player can play his game every time he wants until his wifi is enabled. Players can earn a massive amount of cash that fascinates them to come on this platform.

There is a big thing due to which players sometimes feel reluctant to play on 918Kiss. The issue is that they have to put money down. This thing makes most people to leave the game. That’s why there is an intense need of knowing the ways to claim 918Kiss free credit.

If you are searching for the ways through which you can claim your free credit on 918Kiss, you are at the right article. We are going to enlist all the ways that you can utilize while claiming the free credits on 918Kiss.


  1.   Welcome bonus

918kiss Welcome-bonus

You can claim your free credit on 918Kiss through a welcome bonus. You might be thinking that how to claim your free credit on 918Kiss through a welcome bonus? Well, it’s just by registering at this app. Install the app, create your account and claim up to 150% free credit on 918Kiss through a welcome bonus.

Here are some of the terms and conditions that apply to the bonus you’ll receive:

  •       The free welcome bonus that you will get on account registration will be valid only within 30 days of your account registration.
  •       The highest amount of welcome bonus that you can claim is MYR 225.
  •       The amount of bonus will be directly transferred to the provider wallet that you have been selected prior.
  •       No cheating and unfair means are allowed in this game. A person who will find guilty of it will be punished through account suspended.
  •       The person who wants to claim a welcome bonus is needed to complete a 10x win over. After this, the funds will be transferred to the person’s account directly and he can withdraw it.

Don’t use any unfair means to get money on 918Kiss. It is requested you don’t spend the welcome bonus fund on any illegal activity.


  1.   Bonus on perfect attendance


There is a second way through which you can claim free credit on 918Kiss is through a perfect attendance bonus. In this method, you just have to open your app daily and have to bet for MYR 800 for about 7 days.

After accomplishing your daily attendance condition, you will be given a bonus of MYR 88. The members who want to use this method for free credit claiming on 918Kiss have to complete a turnover of 1x.

The terms and conditions for the perfect attendance bonus are as follows.

  •       Players have to ensure their daily attendance on the app.
  •       Gamers are required to bet an amount of MYR 800 for consecutive 7 days.
  •       Every Monday, the sum claimed by the game participant will be deposited into the player’s designated wallet.
  •       This method requires the game members to complete a 1x turnover for withdrawing or transferring the won amount.


  1.   Reload bonus


Players can claim a free credit of 5% for every deposited amount on 918Kiss. You can get this reload bonus in your main wallet based on your deposited money. If you deposit MYR 2000, you will get a bonus of MYR 100 in your wallet.

Following are some terms and conditions for claiming the reload bonus on 918Kiss APK.

  •       This bonus can get any time when the member deposits his amount.
  •       Reload bonus is applied only when the player deposit at least MYR 50 or above.
  •       Maximum MYR 100 can be claimed on each deposit.
  •       The person who wants to utilize this free credit claiming method is needed to complete a turnover of 5x.


  1.   Special bonuses on birthday months


You can claim free credits on 918Kiss APK during your birthday month. This is a yearly one time offer to claim a free credit.

Following are some terms and conditions that will be applied on the claim of a birthday month bonus.

  •       The app will require your details for verification purposes.
  •       The fund will be transferred to your selected wallet after verification.
  •       This bonus offer is applicable anytime just during your birthday month
  •       Birthday fund offer is applicable only once a year.
  •       In order to take use of this service, you must first contact customer service.

Bonuses that you can get in your birthday months vary according to 918Kiss policy. You can get this offer anytime and on any date during your entire birthday month. 918Kiss APK required you to verify your details completely for claiming this free credit.


918Kiss APK

The best online platform for the casino is 918Kiss APK. Its excellent features are grabbing the attention of a huge audience towards itself. Gambling has grown a lot simpler to play online without the concern of cheating, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

On 918Kiss APK, you can play slot machines, card games, table games, casino games and many others. This application is very quick and easy to use even for the newbies in the gambling world. Play on this application from anywhere.

Whether you are in your office or at home, if you have a WiFi connection to your phone, you can play. For Android and iOS devices, this software is available to download and use. Click on the download button to begin the process of obtaining this programme. You might be reluctant to deposit a huge amount on this platform at first. But this application offers many ways through which you can claim free credits and enjoy your game.

The rules of playing on 918Kiss are very strict. No one can cheat or use unfair means to win a game. If an account is found suspicious of doing any illegal activity on this application, that account will be suspended immediately. So you can play your favourite games here without any fear.



We have discussed the ways that you can use to claim free credits on 918Kiss. The app is introducing many new ways for claiming free credits. This is all fun and excitement. You can download this app right now on your phone and play and compete with the international players.

Good luck and cheers!