What is SCR888 Malaysia?

Launched in the year 2015 and still going strong even after five years, the SCR888 is a famous online casino based in Asia. It is a gaming platform that is particularly famous in the South East Asian region, in countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. SCR888 is built to have the most beautiful online gaming environment for casual and avid players alike.

The majority of players from all over the world have moved from gaming on a table to gaming on their phones thanks to innovative spirits and persistence in providing reliable service from famous online casinos such as SCR888 Malaysia.

However, despite being mainly active in the Asian market, its reputation has grown far wider than expected and has easily broken into the international market due to its large player base, consisting of a ton of loyal supporters, and SCR888’s insistence not only on international standards but on breaking new ground by pushing the limits and breaking all imaginary borders. SCR888 also goes by the name 918kiss.


How to Download SCR888 on Phone and PC

How to Download SCR888 on Phone and PC

To get an SCR888 Apk download, your best bet is to get it from the official websites and authorized outlets registered by SCR888 Malaysia. The download page removes the issue of malware interference, shows up intrusive advertising that may interrupt or spoil the whole gaming experience, and appears to secure the data and deposits of players by developing this web portal.

As soon as the file has been loaded on your computer, you can go right ahead and start playing. The SCR888 app is available for download to users of iOS & Android devices, and this piece has been designed to give you a foolproof method of how easy it is. Please pay attention and ensure you obey the instructions below so that you too have access to this knowledge on how you can easily use it.

Downloading for IOS

  • Open your browser app, visit me88.
  • Go ahead and select the ‘SCR888/ 918kiss download iOS’ link for the iOS version of your device.
  • The ‘918kiss’ website will alternatively open up a page where the app download link has been labeled as ‘iPhone 5+ iOS download’ and ‘iPhone 5- iOS download ‘. Click to download.
  • Wait for the download to complete. When a pop-up menu comes up to ask for permission to install the apk file, click the ‘install’ button.
  • When the ‘download successful’ notification comes on your screen, click the ‘SCR888/ 918kiss’ apk file icon, and wait for a pop-up that reads ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’ This error message will pop up because this website isn’t native to the iOS device by default, it is not seen as a trusted site for downloading of apk files.
  • Next select ‘cancel’, button minimize your browser app, and then open the ‘settings’ from the menu on your IOS device. Under ‘General’, select the ‘Device Management’ option, now look for ‘All Continental Trading Sdn. Bhd.’ and click ‘ highlight Trust All Continental Trading Sdn. Bhd.’ and confirm ‘Trust’.

The explanation for the file name change is that all iOS devices have a built-in firewall that prevents the download and use of files and applications from untrusted websites, this includes the SCR888 website. So, under another name, the SCR888 Malaysia software can bypass that firewall and install it successfully on your phone. After installing the application, you can go ahead and open the file and register to enjoy the app for free.


download scr888 apk

Downloading for Android

  • Click on the “settings” app on your phone and scroll to the “privacy section” it’s also “unknown sources” in later android versions. Whatever way it’s displayed that is the option you want to edit.
  • Click “allow” this option would allow you to install from app sources that aren’t the google play store.
  • Now open your web browser and enter “SCR888” in the search box then press “enter”. On the website’s main authorized page. Click the ‘Android Scr888 Android V4.0’ link and the download process will start. Alternatively, if you type ‘918kiss.download’ in the search or query box, you will be taken directly to one of the few trusted, direct websites listed as authorized outlets for SCR888 apk file distribution.
  • As the file downloads do exercise some patience, the speed depends on how strong your internet connectivity is. it’s better if you use a strong internet connection for a faster and error-free download.
  • After successfully downloading the apk file, click ‘Install.’ Since you have changed the settings on your phone to allow you to install apps from unknown sources, the apk file will be installed on your phone without any hitches.
  • Now that you have installed the app, open it and progress with the registration.


Downloading on PC

With today’s technology, nothing is impossible. You can now put the SCR888 Mobile App for online gaming on your Mac. Yet you need to update additional applications on your Mac before running the SCR888 App. It is meant to support the installation of the SCR888 on the PC. There is a lot of software that can be used to download the SCR888 PC.

Those comprise the Remix Android, the BlueStacks, and the AmiDuos. Those are the most popular and strongest applications used to launch the SCR888 Computer. In order to do this, these 3 programs allow you to install most of the Android app on your PC for gaming or other things. Setup one of the above applications, instead you may import the SCR888 APK to your device.

Experience the wider screen with SCR888 Online Gaming on your computer now. In addition, these programs have different experiences with users. So, you can try one by one to find the right one.


Get SCR888 Free Credit No Deposit Promotions

Get SCR888 Free Credit No Deposit Promotions

As far as rewards and promotions are concerned, SCR888 is considered to be an incredibly friendly online casino as it provides free credit no deposit and special cash prizes on a daily basis. Players that have built an SCR888 Malaysia account can expect participation discounts, loyalty rewards, referral discounts as well as deposit bonuses, event bonuses, cash discounts and more.

Having SCR888 Unlimited credit upon enrollment is inevitable On the rewards tab of the official website page of SCR888, there is a frequent discount, a daily reload reward, not to mention a birthday bonus and prizes. SCR888 game list is sure to give you many free credits and bonuses.



How to download SCR888 Malaysia?

Generally, there is an application for Ios and android. You visit the website through your browser, download from these authorized websites and then you allow your device to install 3rd party apps from the settings.

Is there an SCR888 Hack?

You would search this on google and get lots of search results from different sites. But are these hacks bringing any money? The simple answer is: No. These hacks never bring fruitful results. SCR888 & 918kiss is an international online casino brand that takes its casino business very seriously.

Is SCR888 playable on PC?

SCR888 can be on the web hence it can also be accessed via PC. You could also download the APK version on PC and open it with a 3rd party app like bluestack. SCR888 download for a laptop would mean you have to use the app with it.